By: Savannah Smith | 10-20-2017 | News
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80 Dead Animals Tell a Different Story of Woman Trailer Park

The woman whose Vermont home the police found 80 dead animals in is now facing charges of animal cruelty.

Ashleigh Tillson pleaded not guilty to 88 counts of animal cruelty on Thursday. She was released with conditions.

The animal carcasses were discovered when Tillson’s landlord had reported seeing the windows of her mobile home in South Hero covered with flies. Such condition of the trailer raised the landlord’s suspicions since Tillson had not lived in the mobile home for some time.

When authorities responded to inspect the mobile home, the Grand Isle sheriff’s office reported that eight pets were still found alive including two rabbits, four lizards, a hedgehog and a chincilla. The stunning discovery, however, were the dozens of carcasses of various types of animals such as rabbits, ferrets, and reptiles.

Court papers also revealed that 30 dead animals were found in a freezer.

A veterinarian was also asked to inspect the home. Dr. Peggy Larson said that there were ferrets that have nothing on them left except fur and bones.

An ex-boyfriend of Tillson was also approached by the authorities for questioning. He shared that Tillson used to ask him for money to pay bills, but found out she used the money to buy more animals.

Tillson’s lawyer has yet to comment on the case.


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