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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Gets Drunk On Air, Embarrasses Himself and His Mom Savannah Smith 9
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Macron Slams Yellow Vests: “Hate-Filled Mob Targeting Politicians, Jews and Homosexuals” Steve Dellar 10
Morocco - New Decapitated Woman (24) Found, Two Weeks After Scandinavian Tourists Murdered Steve Dellar 5
Shutdown – Trump Slams ‘Cute’ Dems Planning Thursday Budget Vote Steve Dellar 1
Tokyo - Terror Van Rams Into News Years Crowd Injuring 9 Kyle James 0
Brexit – Tory Government Pays ‘Ship-less’ Company £14 Million To Ensure EU Ferries Steve Dellar 2
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Yosemite Visitors Create Health Hazard By Pooping On Roads Kyle James 1
Manchester - Terrorist Stabs Three Just Hours Before The New Year (Video) Kyle James 0
41 Child Porn Felonies for Ohio Coach Who Cut GPS Ankle Bracelet Courtney Tubbs 1
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